Matrimonial Law Support

Our Matrimonial Law Support Services practice provides a full range of Pre- and Post- Divorce services to assist couples and their advisors in navigating the financial aspects of divorce and mediation proceedings.  As part of Charter Advisory Group's Planning and Consulting Services (PCS) practice our Matrimonial Law Support Services practice is able to offer both pre- and post-divorce financial and tax guidance, evaluate a couple's balance sheet to properly address property settlements and create effective post-divorce financial plans.

Charter Advisory's professionals can offer expertise in a wide array of areas, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Pre- and Post-Divorce Financial Planning, Estate Planning and Cash Flow Planning
  • Investment Management of post-divorce proceeds and lump sum payments
  • Interpretation and valuation of executive compensation and benefits plans
  • Evaluation of tax matters and development of tax related agreements
  • Assessment of complex assets, such as private investments and businesses
  • Advise Attorneys and mediators on financial matters of the divorce 
  • While we do not provide Forensic Accounting or Valuation services, we can assist professionals in navigating through that process as it relates to financial assets and compensation and benefits plans.

Charter Advisory Group's Matrimonial Law Support Services practice can work with attorneys or directly with individuals to assist in reaching a more productive divorce settlement as well as achieving a more independent post-divorce lifestyle.