Family Law Planning Services

Our Family Law Planning Services practice provides a full range of Pre- and Post- Divorce and prenuptial services to assist individuals and couples and their advisors in navigating the financial aspects of pre-marriage, pre- and post- divorce and mediation proceedings.  As part of Charter Advisory Group's Planning and Consulting Services (PCS) practice our Family Law Planning Services practice is able to offer both pre- and post-divorce and prenuptial financial and tax guidance, design an effective estate and wealth transfer plan, and evaluate a couple's balance sheet to properly address property settlements and create effective post-divorce financial plans.

Charter Advisory's professionals can offer expertise in a wide array of areas, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Pre- and Post-Divorce Financial Planning, Estate Planning and Cash Flow Planning
  • Prenuptial planning to protect assets and income of primary "providing" spouse
  • Estate and Wealth Transfer plan design in context of family law related issues
  • Planning and structuring to protect family assets from divorce settlements
  • Use of Asset Protection Trusts and balance sheet preservation strategies
  • Use of Income Protection and Deferral Structures
  • Investment Management of post-divorce proceeds and lump sum payments
  • Interpretation and valuation of executive compensation and benefits plans
  • Evaluation of tax matters and development of tax related agreements
  • Assessment of complex assets, such as private investments and businesses
  • Advise Attorneys and mediators on financial matters of the divorce 
  • While we do not provide Forensic Accounting or Valuation services, we can assist professionals in navigating through that process as it relates to complex financial assets and compensation & benefits plans.

Charter Advisory Group's Family Law Support Services practice can work with attorneys or directly with individuals to assist in reaching a more productive divorce settlement, pre-divorce and prenuptial asset and income protection as well as achieving a more independent post-divorce lifestyle.