Corporate Executive Services

Our Corporate Executive Services (CES) practice provides executives with a comprehensive executive financial counseling service that addresses all of the relevant components of their financial lives.  It allows the executive to focus on their corporate responsibilities, and their families, while we provide services and counsel to guide them through the myriad of financial and lifestyle decisions that they face.  

Charter Advisory, even while not participating in a company's Executive Financial Counseling program, can assist companies, both public and private, in setting up an effective and well designed Counseling and Employee/Executive Financial Literacy program.  Charter can also assist in designing other effective fringe benefit and perk programs for your company.

►Charter provides quintessential counseling and coaching to executives and employees on optimum utilization of their compensation and benefits programs. 

►Our work with your company's human resource and benefits function drives success and effectiveness of benefits programs through better communications and intergration with executives and employees personal financial profile.

►The right executive financial counseling partner can help your senior leaders take full advantage of their compensation and benefit programs, while staying focused on growing your business.

►Financial counseling is a valued corporate benefit because it supports business success for the company and financial security for its senior executives.


Whether part of a company program or working directly with individual corporate executive clients we help executives optimize company compensation and benefits plans, and coordinate them with overall long-term strategies consistent with the executive's personal goals and objectives.  Our approach includes the use of our suite of custom analytics and illustrations we call the Personal Financial Profile™ which enables us to develop and assess each client's goals and prescribe the implementation process to achieve their own personal objectives.  Our advisors provide services such as:

  • Retirement planning
  • Executive Compensation & Beneifit Planning
  • Stock Option Planning and Company Equity Plan Strategies
  • Structuring Rule 10b5-1 Stock Trading Plans
  • 83b Election Planning - equity plans and private company equity
  • Concentrated Stock Strategies
  • Tax and Financial aspects of employment and separation agreements
  • M&A Impact Analysis and Planning
  • Pre- & Post- IPO Planning
  • Budget and cash-flow management
  • Investment planning
  • Ongoing investment management services (separate service)
  • Income tax planning and preparation (separate service for tax prep)
  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Charitable giving strategies - Charitable Trusts, Donor Advised Funds & Private Foundations
  • Planning for foreign executives working in the US
  • Family office services 
  • Insurance planning and risk management
  • Survivor Assistance Program 
  • Implementation of effective communications and utilization of compensation and benefits programs

We have particular expertise working with executives from industries ranging from, but not limited to, Media & Entertainment, Pharmaceutical & Biotech, Real Estate, Investment Banking, Private Equity & Venture Capital, Technology, and Healthcare.

Employers and HR Leaders:

Charter Advisory Group's Corporate Executive Services practice not only provides executive financial counseling programs, but also provides group seminars and financial literacy programs for executives and employees regarding benefits plans, retirement planning, separation programs and investment planning.  We closely coordinate these programs with the company's HR and benefits personnel to develop a customized program to best fit each company's needs.

Corporate Executive Services Practice

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