The Charter Family Office

The Charter Family Office is a comprehensive solution for families, providing a full suite of advisory and support services. 

We offer an objective and independent voice in coordinating your other advisors and enhancing your financial well-being.  We are not affiliated with any financial institution, ensuring that our advice and services are truly independent and objective. 


Single Family Office Services 

In addition to our core virtual family office services, we can assist clients in setting up their own single family office.  Our Single Family Office consulting services can provide best practices origination of your own family office, meeting your specific requirements.  We can work with other professionals to advise their clients in creating their family office.

We can also enhance the effectiveness of a family's single family office with targeted services from any of our practice areas (i.e. tax services, wealth and tax planning, investment consulting).  Charter helps family offices select service providers and advisors that meet their needs, such as money managers and tax advisor and attorney selection.  We also can provide assistance in staff searches and hiring. 

Virtual Family Office Services

The Charter Family Office provides an aggregation of services as part of a virtual family office structure, furnishing families with a cost effective and strategic way to manage their wealth. These financial oversight services can involve coordination with your other advisors and service providers as well as direct services provided through our wealth planning and tax advisory practices.

While Charter Family Office services are based on a minimum liquid wealth value (non-real estate/non-business assets), however, we can scale and customize our services to accomodate families with no minimum asset requirement under certain circumstances.

Charter Family Office services are based on an annual retainer flat-fee structure (usually paid quarterly).  

Services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Consolidation and guidance of family tax and financial matters
  • Family governance & financial literacy programs
  • Family CFO Services
  • Survivor Assistance Program
  • Trustee and Executor Support Services
  • Intergenerational Tax and Financial Continuity services
  • Investment Account Tax and Estate Planning Oversight
    • Tax Strategy and Implementation
    • Asset Allocation guidance working with client's advisors
    • Investment Policy formulation consistent with client's tax profile
  • Alternative Investment counsel and due diligence
    • Including Private Equity, Hedge Fund & Real Estate
  • Financial Modeling and Analysis
  • Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Family Wealth Structuring
  • Family Holding Company Set-up and Management
  • Art and Antiquities Secured Monetization Solutions
  • Trust oversight & planning
  • Philanthropic Planning
  • Private Foundation Set-up & Management
  • Bill Paying Services
  • Private Accounting Services for Foundations, Trusts and Family LP's and LLC's
  • Real Estate Oversight
  • Multi-property bill paying
  • Balance Sheet Management
  • Consulting Services to Single Family Offices



    The Charter Family Office LLC

Practice Leader: 
Michael S. Maglio Sr.
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