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Charter Advisory Group

Charter Capital Advisors Research Perspectives

In upcoming articles Charter Capital Advisors Research will start the New Year with an initial offering of our perspectives on a variety of investment strategy topics.  Much will seem "ex-post facto" as we catch up, sharing our internal approach and strategy on portfolio structuring.  Some will have the benefit of retrospective, but each topic will have relavance as we begin a new calendar year with all of the unique and even historical conditions still influencing our markets.  These include macro topics like COVID, effects of a pandemic, such as inflation, and other negative macroeconimic forces.  The role of our super charged socio-economic environment that now must be a consideration as we formulate investment strategy.

We will even offer a brief histoical perspective on the last 30 years and how even a 10,000 DOW seemed improbable back then as we hover around 35,000 now.  Charter Capital Advisors Research enables us as a diversified multi-family office to organize and construct our approach to not only how we formulate our Advisory Policy relative to our investment advice, thus our investment policy as a money manager, but also our tax policy which determines the advice and approach we take through our wealth planning and tax advisory practices.


Again, while much of this may be retrospective, and benefit from the 20/20 attribute of retrospect, it is intended to share our thought capital that we have used thus far setting the strategic go-forward for our advisory policy, portfolio construction, and wealth and tax advisory solutions.

Here's a list of the topics we wil present in our initial coverage in the 1st few weeks of 2022:

  • Retrospective on the overall market and the themes we employed, 2017 to 2021
    • Including a summary of our overall investment management approach and how we employ themes and sub-asset classes in that approach
  • Investment themes for 2022 going forward
  • Market & Economic Conditions (A largely macro view) including:
    • COVID
    • Inflation
    • Valuations
  • Market conditions going forward (macro and micro)
    • Equity valuations
    • Interest Rates and Fed policy
    • Effect on fixed income market
    • Micro view of styles (Value vs Growth) and asset/sub-asset classes
  • Tech sector investing going forward
  • Historical market view/"recap"
  • Our Tax Policy view
  • Corporate Executive advisory and Equity Compensation advisory