Charter Risk Advisors

Charter Risk Advisors (CRA) is the insurance and risk management division of Charter Advisory Group. CRA provides guidance to clients, both families and private businesses, on a wide array of insurance and risk management needs.

CRA does not sell insurance and related products but works with outside providers to secure proper coverages for clients while providing independent and objective advice to clients. (At the request of clients, Charter Advisory Group may position CRA in the future to directly provide such products and solutions.)

We can construct a life insurance plan as part of an overall financial plan.  This includes assessing life insurance requirements based on Family Needs Analysis (survivor needs) or the implementation of a comprehensive estate plan.  CRA can advise on obtaining the proper form of life insurance to meet your needs.

Charter assists individuals in assessing the complexities of the costs and coverages in obtaining proper and adequate health insurance.  We can help in coordinating coverages with Medicare policies, and assist self-employed individuals with maintaining adequate coverage to meet their family's needs.

We can advise on the structuring of effective Long Term Care Insurance strategies to meet your specific financial plan.

Charter Risk Advisors offers creative and effective solutions for complex situations pertaining to life, health and long term care insurance needs of individuals and businesses.

Our insurance & risk management services include:

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For Businesses: 

  • Group Life and Health plans for you and your employees.
  • Buy Sell  Agreements
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Self-employed health insurance plans
  • Funding of pension and deferred compensation plans
  • Split Dollar Arrangements

For Individuals:

  • Life Insurance to fund survivor needs
  • Life Insurance to implement estate & trust planning
  • Private health insurance needs
  • Health insurance needs of those in retirement 
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Fixed Annuity Plans